Cliff Creek Mine Exploration and Development

Investigated in 2009 by opening the adit and by extensive research into historical documents and interviews in various locations with former employees of Cheni Gold Corp., PPM management was able to confirm from former Cheni management that a substantial portion (up to 90%) of the identified 1.3 million tons of silver/gold mineralization with an average mine grade of 7 grams of gold and 243 grams of silver per ton was developed but did not get mined when Cheni Gold Corp. shut down its mining operations on the Lawyers Mineral Claims in 1991-1992.  Subsequent interviews, reviews of mill production records and independent geological consultants input during 2012 has provided comfort that no more than 100,000 tons of Cliff Creek ore was mined from the historical resource identified by Wright Engineers between 1984 and 1991.  There were qualifications and limitations stated by Cheni in 1992 as to the tonnage of economic ore in the mine given the then applicable economic conditions.

PPM obtained all of the feasibility study including all mine and mill plan drawings together with production records for the mill for 1988-1991.  PPM obtained the exploration records and drill logs for the adjacent Silver Pond property which, when Cheni was mining AGB mine at the Lawyers, was owned by a competitive exploration company St. Joe Minerals. 

Taken together, PPM has a comprehensive information package to assist in the exploration and exploitation of the entire aggregated resource package on its Lawyers property.

During 2017 management worked with a key consultant to create a plan for both exploration and development of the Lawyers claims, including potential development of a mill utilizing the existing reclaimed tailings facility.  This is a preliminary assessment still requiring considerable work and consultation.


- Site 43101 Report April 2016 (PDF)
- Presentation for Indicator Elements of Porphyry Targeted Drilling (PDF)
- Cheni Prospectus (PDF)
- Production Summary - 1990s Report (PDF)
- Geochemical and Geological Report (PDF)
- Water Removal Presentation 2012 (PDF)