As an addition to the Lawyers Chronology

As noted elsewhere in our web page information disclosures, between 2013 and 2015, PPM management searched for a method to preserve and enhance property tenures at the Lawyers.  Diligent and creative efforts resulted in first enabling PPM, with the cooperation of Guardsmen Resources Inc., using PAC application to extend the life of its core claim group out to 2025.  Subsequently, partly as a result of this extension, PPM attracted the attention of partners which enabled the company to undertake its 2015 exploratory drilling program at Cliff Creek and Duke's Ridge.  As at the date of writing March 1 2016, management awaits production of a 43 101 report which will delineate the calculated resource at Cliff Creek as drilled.  Given that the P2 vein discovery (with its 8 ounces of gold and 7 kilograms of silver per ton) was only encountered twice in the program, any mineral resource arising from that discovery will not be included in the 43 101 calculation until such time as it is more significantly explored.  As a result of the 2015 exploration program, PPM was enabled to add assessment work credits to all of the expanded Lawyers claim group tenure thus extending them all out to 2025.  With the 43 101 report being produced by Bob Lane and Barney Bowen in hand, PPM expects to be able to continue its exploration of the Lawyers mineral claims in the summer of 2016.