Exploration and potential exploitation

Please review the blog for 2018 under the NEWS tab for an update on the company's recent activities including the option of the Lawyers claims to Benchmark Metals Inc. 

2013 saw the company expand its information source base about the historical information at Cliff Creek.  The company consolidated its mineral claim inventory at Lawyers including obtaining more minfile occurences and access claims adjacent to its current mineral claims.  Interviews conducted by the company's geological consultant with operators of Cliff Creek provided additional insights into the strucutures that make up the Cliff Creek and Phoenix deposits. 

Our efforts in 2011 and 2012 allowed us to confirm with former operating management and employees of Cheni Gold Mine's Cliff Creek mine that much of the ore identified in the Wright Engineering feasibility study (in the possession of PPM) which brought Cliff Creek to production in 1991 remains in place as developed ore.  Dewatering approvals as amended on April 2 2012 and delayed to the 2013 exploration season were not utilized but will be renewed as fiscal capabilities improve.  With sufficent funding obtained PPM can get into the mine as early as freshet/runoff will permit.  PPM is evaluating milling opportunities for a bulk sample and intends to put arrangements for mining and milling of our silver and gold reserves into place in 2015 provided it makes economic sense.  Management sees tremendous potential for a very positive 2018 for our company.

We spent considerable time in later 2017 working with our partners to create a plan for exploration as well as potential development of the Cliff Creek epithermal resource.  These can be viewed as documents on the website.  At all times the risk factors provided for in the web site apply to any disclosures.